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The majority voice in your state has agreed that the compassionate use of Medical Cannabis should be allowed if the user obtains legal certification of an uncomfortable or debilitating condition from a willing doctor. Your doctor may not feel comfortable prescribing alternative or holistic remedies of this nature, but our doctors will!

We understand your conditions and know when your pharmaceutical options for the management of your pain and discomfort just aren’t enough.

All you need is a release of your medical records as allowed by HIPAA and you’ll be on your way to improving your overall health and Quality of Life!


As one of the premier providers in Medical Marijuana certifications in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Omni Services proudly provides compassionate and knowledgeable doctors. Thank you for allowing us to ensure your appointment and certification process is a simple and enjoyable experience.

When you choose to receive your care through one of our clinics, you will be treated by a highly trained doctor who specializes in providing safe, affordable, and reliable access to patients seeking a medical marijuana evaluation. Let the experts at Omni Services guide you through the medical marijuana process quickly and professionally.


Patient Information

Traditional pain management practitioners who rely on expensive pharmaceuticals often find themselves limited to what they can do for their patients who suffer from uncomfortable, painful and often debilitating ailments. Some people suffer in ways that cannot be accurately described or even understood by doctors.

How can someone else other than the patient dictate how best to manage comfort and quality of life? Well at least now your state has let the voice of the people decide how you can privately and discretely find comfort when pharmaceutical solutions have let you down, or they are out of your financial reach.